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Every Meeting Ever

Ever been distracted in a meeting? We know we have. Here’s how every meeting devolves into a pantomime of distraction and devastation.

Types Of Party Goers – Paanch Namune

How that deals with 5 specimens analysed in humorous manner. This episode shows five interesting types of party goers as pakau, showstopper, ghooranmal, buzurg, and Mr. India. Why the names are given like this. Watch and find out yourself. Enjoy this video with mix and matched party goers, as you know more about them.

Types of Indian Cricket Fans – All Cricket Fans Must Watch

Special video dedicated to our unique Indian religion – Cricket. Watch how different types of Cricket fans instantly react when they watch a Cricket match. The video shows some interesting types of Cricket fans in hilarious manner as the over positive, yogi baba, female expert, paltu, gaalibaaz, and fake sattebaaz. Enjoy this video with mix […]

Ketan Singh | Me-lody Tere Gaano Ki | Din Mein Leti Hai | Raat Mein Leti Hai

Bollywood songs can be interpreted in a completely different and humorous way. Song chosen for this episode is Din Mein Leti Hai Raat Mein Leti Hai from the movie Amaanat featuring Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, and Heera Rajgopal. You will surely enjoy listening to the meanings drawn from the lyrics. Watch this episode and have […]